Intro – am I really a blogger ?!

First off, I’m not a writer and the idea of publishing a travel journal that others might actually read scares the shit out of me. However, this round the world trip is all about approaching my fears and pushing my comfort zone – so here I am….afraid.

I leave for Vietnam a week from Monday (8/5) and I just realized I need a visa to get into Vietnam. Luckily, it seems like the visa application process for Vietnam is very straightforward and I should get it in 3-5 business days. Off to the embassy this afternoon. Unlike Vietnam, the visa process for India is not streamlined and the only appointment I can get is the day I leave….looks like I might have to get my India visa while in Thailand or Nepal.Meanwhile, I’m selling my car, subleasing my apartment, arranging a cat sitter for Velcro, my 15 year old cat, and generally running around in circles trying to get ready for this trip. Clearing out the closet clutter in my apartment has been a very liberating experience- taking inventory of my possessions and realizing how little of all this ‘stuff’ I actually use.

One last thought – I hope to become a much better writer through this whole travel blog thing. I know I’m too wordy and I aim to write with a clear, succinct style that gets to the point but also lets you into my head.  namaste


3 responses to “Intro – am I really a blogger ?!

  1. I am envious of you, excited for you, and inspired by you! Something I’ve always wanted to do[travel around the world]…I will be following!! Congrats and best of fun!!

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