Cruising through Vietnam


It's been a quick two weeks in Vietnam…cruising. I'm feeling comfortable here, I've met some wonderfully warm-hearted people and I've seen some incredibly beautiful sites. While this is a developing country with a history full of devastation, I was unprepared for the fully developed tourist infrastructure and the ever present wifi connectivity. I just spent three days and two nights on spectacular Halong Bay miles from the mainland, yet our boat had a good wifi setup…truly amazing relative to access back home. On the boat I got to practice my Spanish quite a bit, as there eight super friendly Spaniards aboard and I've got a place to stay in Barcelona when I make it there.


From a spiritual standpoint I'm feeling a little lost…the food on the boat was excessive and I even smoked a few cigarettes with the Spainards. I only practiced yoga once, for an hour and haven't been meditating. Hopefully I'll find my path again in Laos…I'll keep you posted!




2 responses to “Cruising through Vietnam

  1. Hey there! I just happened to fall on this link to your blog. Awesome to see your travels! Keep us posted – especially those of us who are envious – looks like a great adventure so far. -Best wishes- Maggie Cutts

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